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Episode 30 - Digital Technologies, Learning and PE with Dr Victoria Goodyear

July 23, 2017

In this episode of the ConnectedPE Podcast we feature a recording from the PRE ConnectedPE Conference webinar with Dr Victoria Goodyear.

Session Outline:

While there is evidence of considerable growth in the availability and use of digital technologies, we have very little evidence about how these technologies are being used and whether they are optimising student learning. Equally, there is limited evidence on the digital technologies and social media sites young people engage with for learning about health outside of formal educational settings, and the potential impacts of the material accessed on young people’s health-related behaviours. This webinar will provide an introduction to what is currently known and not known about how digital technologies can be used to maximise students learning about health

Dr Victoria is a Masterclass leader & keynote speaker for the 2017 ConnectedPE Conference in Dubai.

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